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Guitar Club


Ever wanted to learn the guitar?  Guitar Club is a free club which takes place every Thursday*. The lessons are split into a 30 minute session for your child. For the other 30 minutes, your child has free access to Games Club. This club is open for children who have had experience in playing guitar, to complete beginners. 


It is ideal if your child has access to a guitar at home so that they can continue to practise what they have learnt. If this is not possible, the school has two acoustic guitars which they can use during the lesson. If you have a guitar which needs minor repairs (change of strings etc.) please see me and I will either be able to repair it for you, or advise you on how it can be repaired.


For further information, please see me 


Mr Stroud


*in the event of a cancellation, parents will be informed. If Games Club is still on, your child is still welcome to participate in it.